To see the world,

things dangerous to come to,

to see behind walls,

draw closer,

to find each other,

and feel  

that is the purpose of life!


Motto from our most beloved movie about adventure and travel – Secret Life of Walter Mitty. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to catch up, it may change your life. As it changed ours.



We are Luba and Tom. Our safest path is our work. We are both doctors, at the moment in the UK and we could easily live here and from time to time when saved more days of annual leave, go for holiday somewhere. We have decided to take unknown path, path that will become our new life.




In our hearts we are travellers, cyclists, furniture makers, photographers, gardeners…

















Our new dream is approaching soon…


In May 2017 we are launching the biggest and longest cycling journey we’ve ever done.  We will start in Canada in British Columbia and will be heading south until we reach the most southern point of Argentina. We won’t be alone though. It’s gonna be four of us. Phoebe and Rory will join, our loyal dog friends, because leaving each other for so long is unimaginable for all of us. They have undertaken some pretty good adventures with us so far and graduated as fearless couple of doggie explorers.





In the meantime we’d like to show you our previous travel journeys, our DIY projects in our house in London, our photos, inspire you and because blogging is very much about community, seeking also new inspirations from you. We hope that you support us in our mad idea and will follow our blog (subscribe higher up on the right).


So…let’s step out and explore!