10 reasons why you should swap hotel for wild camping

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You’ve probably noticed that wild camping has become our standard holiday accommodation. And why?

In this post we will try to persuade you to try it as well.


lefkada tiny beach


1. Freedom

You simply choose your favourite view and put up the tent (not applicable for private land :)). We can occasionally recommend usage of satellite google maps.


Cephalonia Petani am tent


2. Price

Apart from the initial price of the equipment you don’t pay anything, no council taxes or wifi charge (thank god there’s no wifi in the tent).


3. Peace

No yelling children, drunk tourists or karaoke sounds from local bar. The only disturbance could be mosquitoes/midges/grizzly (insert according to the destination) or snoring sleepmates (that’s why it’s especially important to pick a quiet sleepmate).



4. Nature

Never, really never you’ll be in such a connection with the nature as when you sleep in it and sense all the noises, changes of light, different weather and you learn how to respect it. We never sleep at the same place or put out open fires, always bury our biological needs’ products 🙂 and take all rubbish with us. We simply try to leave nothing but footprints in the grass.



5. You discover you need only little to be happy

The tent is not a 4 bedroom flat and to have your legs stretched over three backpacks, dressing table and a kitchen unit is not what we call relax.

6. It’s possible by different means of transport

We have tried car, including hitchhiking, hiking and of course bicycle. Slower you move, better sense for the terrain you have and you pick a spot easier. If you travel by car, we can’t recommend satellite version of google maps enough, especially if you look for the place in darkness.



7. In every season of the year

If you feel cold, it means only two things – poor sleeping bag and unsuitable roommate. The dogs have proved themselves to be the best many times :).



8. You’ve had no idea how many stars are in the sky

At this point it’s useful to swap the tent for the hammock or bivvy bag.



9. You will discover your cooking abilities

You don’t want to eat ready to cook pasta all the time as we did on our first longhaul cycling trip.

10. No check-in or check-out time

This is related not to hotels only but official campsites too. Instead, when you do wild camping and are able to find a good spot away from people, you can have a nice lie in and nobody urges you to get out of the room quickly, so they can tidy.




So when are you heading out there? If we made at least somebody to think about it, we are preparing another post about the practicalities. In the meantime listen to our playlist #fromcanadatoargentina on Spotify and dream about adventure :).

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