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If you’re looking for practical info about travelling with a dog, cycle touring, reviews of products tested by those long kilometres and inspiration for new adventures and destinations, this is the right place! Altogether with all of these, we’ll tell you interesting stories from the road, for your afternoon coffee read.

Our main priority is to show that it’s possible to travel with a dog and you will love it even more than alone. You can do it even on a bicycle! Get inspired and head onto your own adventure.

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And who are we?

Luba and Tom.

Doctors by occupation, travellers by heart.

Animal lovers.

(so much, we don’t eat them and no products from them)


Freedom chasers.

Cycle tourists.

In May 2017 we started our cycling journey from Canada to Argentina. Not alone though. Phoebe and Lolo are our trusted companions and adventurers and they enjoy this role (what Lolo thinks about cycling, find here).

What has lead us to this decision? Unhappiness with our lives, too little time spent together, minimal chance to make decisions about our work schedule and holidays. We needed to step away from it all.

It felt natural to take Phoebe and Lolo with us. They are our family. So we came up with a route that should allow smooth border crossings and no quarantine for them.

We are on the road since 31st May 2017. Every day we learn something new. Every day brings new experiences. We don’t regret a second of it. The initial estimate was year and a half and 30 000 kms. Since May ’17 until April ’18 we pedalled 14 300 kms and then we took a housesitting break in Mexico for the rainy season! We welcomed our family and friends there and managed to get married in paradise. Then, in November 2018 we restarted from Mexico and headed through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica to South America. We will soon reach 20 000 km mark on our cycling computer.

We hope we’ll manage to give you a travel bug, especially the one with your dog. Let us inspire you to forget the usual: “It’s impossible!” Get in touch and send us questions, ideas what you want to read about, critique or praise. This blog is here for you!

To see the world,

things dangerous to come to,

to see behind walls,

draw closer,

to find each other,

and feel  

that is the purpose of life!

(our beloved Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

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