Bikepacking and biketouring reality – VIDEO

Bikepacking and biketouring reality – VIDEO

We love making videos of this journey but it’s usually just pretty shots to make you want to travel and visit all those fantastic countries we’re going through. This time we want to show you biketouring reality.

On 8th March we shot our whole day, even though there was nothing too special awaiting us. We cycled mainly on dirt that day, through some jungle and coffee plantations and I ended up in the deep mud with my bike. But more you will find in the video.

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No more words, here’s our biketouring reality video “One day in the life of a cycle tourist”!

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Older woman, 33 years old, experienced. She stopped being a doctor and started being a traveller. She likes animals more than people because they don't lie. She also likes looking at the the world through the viewfinder of her camera.

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