Adventure dog: why it is great to share adventures together!

Adventure dog: why it is great to share adventures together!

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Adventure dog is the one who will go and do whatever outdoors activity you’re doing. It can be as little as a short hike or a rappelling down a cliff (hard core option).

Taking your dog along on (almost) every adventure you’re up to, might be the best decision of your life.


  1. It will create even greater bond you’ve got with your dog.
  2. You’ll realise how adaptable they are and how much they can actually do with you without any issue.
  3. You’ll save money, not needing a petsitter/kennel. It’s usually still cheaper to pay a hotel fee for dog. If you camp, even better ;).
  4. It will be fun!! 

2 dogs sitting in the tent, watching the sea, beach in front of them, photo from behind

We’ve put together this short video to promote #neverleavethedogbehind philosophy. As you may or may not know, we’ve been cycling with our two pups Phoebe and Lolo from Canada to Argentina. But not only that. We enjoy swimming with them, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping. All sorts of outdoors adventures. And they seem to enjoy it too. Anyway, look yourself!

If you like it, we ask you even more than usually, SHARE IT!

It’s important to show people that dog isn’t a burden but a family member, friend and adventure partner. ¬†Tell us about your “dog on adventure”! If we encourage people to share their everyday lives, holidays and sports with the dogs, at the end we may encourage more adoptions as it won’t be such an unbelievable thing to take the dog on a family holiday. Please help us!

P.S. Of course use of common sense is advised (as with any other situation). You know your dog best, so if he really doesn’t like water, making him swim or taking kayaking might not be the brightest idea. Or if you want to take your lifelong elderly couch pooch for hike, it’s better to start with a shorter easy walk rather than whole day 25km hike…

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