House sitting is your chance to travel with free accommodation

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We are sure if you’ve been exploring possibilities how to travel on a budget, house sitting is not a novelty to you. But what if you’ve never heard of it?

That’s when we come and open completely new world to you.

Have you seen pictures of turquoise water and us all in the kayaks on our instagram recently? Well, that’s our house sitting location at Laguna Bacalar. And you can get to similar places yourself with just a little effort. We’ll show you how in our Beginners’ guide for House and Pet sitting around the world.

But first of all, let’s talk what house sitting is.

House sitting is a mutually beneficial agreement between the home owner and the house sitter, when the latter will live in and take care of their home while they’re away. It can involve pet sitting when the house sitter looks after the house animals as well. In most of the cases the house sitting is not paid, the house sitter exchanges his service for free accommodation in the destination that interests him as a traveler.

What’s the thing we like the most about this concept?

It’s the trust. In the nowadays world the trust among people is a precious and rare commodity. The house owner trusts you with his house and moreover with his animals. They can leave you their car as well as business as it happened to us. What a true gift, what an opportunity! We feel so refreshed that there are people who still have trust in their fellow human beings.

Who can become a house sitter?

Virtually, anyone. But it will suit a flexible, open minded and responsible person most. There’s no special school for house sitting or a certificate. You just need to fulfil the requirements of a homeowner you’re applying to.

What are the main advantages of house sitting and pet sitting?

Accommodation in foreign country for free. How cool is that?

Those sweet animals to look after (if you’re animal lover, if not seek the house sits without pets, it will be better for everybody ;))

Living like a local, you aren’t a tourist anymore. You are often introduced to the local community (neighbours, friends, where to go to buy best fruit etc) that will help with getting accustomed to the area.

Embracing the gift of slow travel, house sits allow you to stay in the area much longer than the regular tourism.

Depending on a type of house sit, new skills. Gardening, DIY skills, pool maintaining, rentals management.

Any disadvantages?

You think you have more time for “vacationing” than you actually have. You don’t :). There are also some responsibilities coming with the house sitting, it’s not a vacation on the beach.

So what do you say? Is it something you would consider? Stay tuned for our Beginners’ guide for House and Pet sitting around the world. Until then, happy travel dreams and hasta pronto from our temporary home in Mexico.


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