One year on the road in numbers

Do you like numbers? Are you a statistical freak? Or not so much but surely interested in our past year on “From Canada to Argentina” journey?

We’re celebrating today. A year ago we left Vancouver, full of hopes, wishes and trust in people. And it has got even bigger since. We met so many amazing people who helped us on the way, who listened to our story, who made us feel at home. This post will come…soon.

Now let’s go back to numbers.

From Canada to Argentina Year One

(let us know your bets in how many years we’ll accomplish this journey, our initial foolish plan was year and a half)

Total kilometers: 14 269 km

Longest day: 128 km

Shortest day: 25 km

Highest altitude on the bike: 4135 m (4430 m on foot)

Total days on the bike: 235

Off days: 45 at Laguna Bacalar, 18 Spanish course at San Miguel de Allende + 67 other

Nights in the tent: 207

Warmshowers hosts:  36

Hostels/Hotels/Airbnb: 22 nights (+18 in SMA on Spanish course)

Times when strangers gave us a shelter or helped us big time on the road: 44

Falls:  L – 3 ( out of which 2 were coincidences caused by T) , T – 1 (but big)

Flat tires: this number is too big, we stopped counting after 4 weeks

Number of tires used: L – 4 original pair changed for fatter tires before crossing to Mx, T – 6 original pair changed for fatter tires before crossing to Mx, 1 sidewall failure on Schwalbe Mondial + 1 destroyed in the fall

Major bike problems: T – rear wheel rim crack on the way to Jasper and front wheel destroyed in the fall, L – rear rack broken

Chains used: L – 2, T – 2

Illnesses: 3 (L 2x flu like,  T 1x strained Achilles tendon)

Diarrhoea: (we are sure you wanted to know this): 2 (both suffered by L again)

Number of pictures taken: 5551

Number of dogs’ adventurous run aways: 4

“Dangerous animals” encountered: bears – 4 black bears (+ 3 cubs on the tree by the road), 1 baby rattle snake, few scorpions, black widow spiders 2 , racoons (stealing dog treats from the trailer), tent eating ants, too many RVs and careless or arrogant drivers

Biggest surprise: Loneliest Road in America, highway 50

Best ride: Espinazo del Diablo

Worst ride: windy day in Colombia River Gorge with the crosswinds blowing us into the traffic

Biggest mistake: taking a shortcut to Goblin Valley

Thank you for following our journey, hope we will continue to surprise you, bring you nice pictures and challenge your comfort zone!


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Older woman, 33 years old, experienced. She stopped being a doctor and started being a traveller. She likes animals more than people because they don't lie. She also likes looking at the the world through the viewfinder of her camera.

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  1. Joy

    Great to have met you in San Miguel and to be following you on your great adventure.

  2. spinningsouth

    Fun to read such a summary! Think we will try to use your idea. 😉 enjoy your further stay and developing your project. We are embracing rainy season in Nicaragua 🤣😳

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