New video is here! Cycle touring with dogs in the USA

New video is here! Cycle touring with dogs in the USA

Finally. Video from the USA. It’s ready for few days but to find wifi strong enough to upload it… that was a tough challenge! We finally managed in Loreto, which took only two days in Hostal Casas Loreto.


But here it is. Exactly 4 months and 5971 kilometers in the USA. 8 different states, California twice. Unreal nature. Troubles with ignorant drivers. Amazing variety of landscapes. Beautiful people we met – warmshowers hosts – some of them we dare to call friends, random angels on the road who helped us in times of trouble with accommodation, ride or veggies from the garden, friends of friends who became friends. Some of them are mentioned at the end of the video but definitely not all! Too many good folks out there!


And CLIF bars. Yes, we miss them terribly :).


So, sit back and enjoy the road with us. If you like what we’ve done, please share and let more people connect with us.


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Older woman, 33 years old, experienced. She stopped being a doctor and started being a traveller. She likes animals more than people because they don't lie. She also likes looking at the the world through the viewfinder of her camera.

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  1. Melody Perdikis

    Very beautiful and enriching adventure for you both!…I love the video!…thank you for all your efforts in getting to wifi to edit/post this amazing adventure!….hope you are liking the sunscreen i sent you…


      Dear Melody, thank you so much! Thanks for your neverending support, we can feel it! Suncreen is superb :). Big hug!

  2. Awesome video guys! Ola Luba, Thomas, Lolo and Phoebe, you inspire us!
    Your friends Lori and family in Comox, BC. Canada

  3. […] video will be different from everything you’re used to from us. We’ve added a commentary so it has better documentary feel. Hope you will enjoy our Cycling […]

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