Cycling Baja California – video

Cycling Baja California – video

Cycling Baja California was our first contact with Mexico.  How we dealt with it and some of our experiences there, you can see in this video. Also Mexican Christmas, as we cycled through Baja in December.

This video will be different from everything you’re used to from us. We’ve added a commentary so it has better documentary feel. Hope you will enjoy our Cycling Baja California video and let us know in the comments what you think about the new style!



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Older woman, 33 years old, experienced. She stopped being a doctor and started being a traveller. She likes animals more than people because they don't lie. She also likes looking at the the world through the viewfinder of her camera.

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  1. Melody Perdikis

    Luba!…What a wonderful video…you narrating….music….and your experience in Baja, California Sur…I also traveled there …My friend Chris took me on an adventure….and I fell in love with San Ignacio also. It was such a sweet little place. We also stayed in San Felipe’…and Mulege…I learned how to kayak in the warm waters of Bahia de Concepcion!..beautiful beaches and sunrises…I climbed up on a hill overlooking the beach to take photos…I love your journey…and your NEW CAMERA ROCKS!….looking forward to more videos!..<3..

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