Wax palms Colombia – video story

Wax palms Colombia – video story

Some time ago we brought you a post about our cycle ride among the wax palms in Colombia. Cycling from Ibagué to Salento has been up to date one of the top experiences in Colombia and overall too.

Wax palms are special trees, very valued in Colombia as they are Colombia’s national trees. You may have heard about Cocora valley but this is not it. It’s much better as I’m saying in the video. Part of the reasons is that in Cocora valley the rest of the forest was cut down to make pastures for the cows. On the other hand in our video you’ll see palms being part of the forest which is much more natural and enjoyable. The forest protects wax palms from the gusts of wind so they are less likely to break.

Now you can see it all in moving pictures. We shot this video fully in Slovak language as we want to compare what our audience prefers so feel free to share with us in comments. If nothing else, at least you can learn couple of new words :). Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on!

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  1. WOW! Now this trip is on my list to cycle this winter 2019/2020!!! I lived in Ibague for a year and did not venture to Salento, I spent most of my time in the small coffee fincas south and did visit Villa Restrepo In the North of Ibague. Is this the way you set off from Ibague and then headed West???
    Anyone else looking to do this? As I would be very interested in hooking-up.
    Thank you for shearing the true beauty of Colombia. You are on a epic journey………………………..

    • Luba Lapsanska

      Hi there! It’s definitely TOP. We headed out of Ibague on the highway towards Cajamarca but few kilometres out of Ibague we took small dirt road towards Toche. It is not the road to Villa Restrepo. You can find the road best on mapy.cz as google doesn’t show it well all the way to Toche. It’s very good quality dirt road (depending on the weather), it’s worse on the downhill from the highest point to Salento but rideable. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip!

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