Wedding in the jungle summed up

Wedding in the jungle summed up

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Wedding in the jungle conversation.

“And at night use the torch to walk around, there may be scorpions, snakes and spiders.”

European goosebumps. Dangers of Mexican jungle.


wedding in the jungle, bride and groom holding a photo booth accessory


For three weeks this blog went quiet, because we were preparing our wedding. DIY wedding in the jungle. How it all happened? We don’t want to bore you with the wedding stuff so just very shortly.


When we arrived at Mis Casas at Laguna Bacalar, we were amazed by the tranquility and peacefulness of the place. By the turquoise waters and singing birds. Within a month we knew we’d like to show it to “our” people. The wedding idea came after that. Because how else you’re going to get “normal” people to Mexico without at least a year of planning their vacation :-D. So we asked the most important people in our lives, some old ones, some new from this journey, what date would suit them. Not everybody could make this adventure out of comfort zone happen, for whatever reason.



At the end, on 17th September 12 of us met here and we’d like to say thank you to my mum, Erik, Robert, Daša, Ika, Effy, Chris, Fritz, Anto and Didi for making their time and coming. We were hoping to give a travel bug to the less adventurous ones and we’ve got news we succeeded. Laguna Bacalar was also forgiving and gave us the best weather we could hope for in the rainy and hurricane season :).



We’re definitely not the kind of people that will tell you their wedding was the best day in their lives.   Already too many wonderful days in our lives happened and this is just one of them. Spent with our friends though and that counts.

It wasn’t a classic thing, you bet. Ceremony by our friend Daska, DIY everything, decorations, photo booth and the accessories, the “portal”, we cooked and baked all the food apart from typical Mexican dishes that a local girl Lucia prepared for us. All vegan and nobody complained, they were rather amazed by the possibilities. “There are no eggs in this cake?” The all DIY concept was pretty tiring at the end, with all the last minute cooking and baking and decorating because you can’t make these things in advance in the hot jungle. So we’re pretty happy that we won’t have to do this ever again 😀 (till the death do us part, you know).

And now let’s show you some pics of the day. We wanted to keep the date flexible +/- few days in case of bad weather so we didn’t hire any photographer. The portraits we took ourselves and really enjoyed it (ok, I enjoyed it). So if you know anybody getting married between Mexico and Argentina, we’ll happily take their wedding photos :).





















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