Best of 2018 articles – the ones you should read again

Hola amigos! It’s the last day of 2018. People are thinking of this year and recapitulating. So are we.


Our 2018 was fantastic. Since day 1 it was full of travelling and exploring. We explored also new options for travels like house sitting. We decided to get married in the Mexican jungle. We travelled slowly and took our time to explore Mexico and Guatemala.


In this post we’re bringing you best of 2018 articles. Some of them got the biggest attention, some of them we think are important for us. Full article will appear when you click on the title.

Let us know in comments, which one you like the most in 2018!

Espinazo del Diablo

We started our year by killer climb from SInaloa to Durango state in Mexico. That has defined all the rest of our travel through Mexico, that was slow, full of exploring and meeting new people.



Housesitting guide

Thanks to our new housesitting experience we got to live local Mexican life for 6 months, had to learn how to deal with jungle critters and also its perks like mould from high humidity. We’ve put together this guide so you also can try this new way of travel.



Monarch butterflies

This is something you can experience only once in your life. It’s a fragile connection between a tourist destination and a fairytale. All the experiences involving animals have a special place in our hearts. You can never take it for granted. So with this planet and its ecosystem being endangered every day, we urge you to seek fairytales like this because they may not last forever.



Tribute to adventure dogs


We think everybody should give their dog a chance to have a little adventure (depending on its fitness, health, age…). So we’ve put together this inspirational video and hoped Phoebe and Lolo will persuade you this is the time of their lives!




We decided to get married at Laguna Bacalar and welcomed our closest people in the jungle. We said yes to each other, even though we said yes long ago in our hearts. This is a special one and it has to be here, not because it is wedding but because we want to thank our dear people again for coming!



Seeking freedom is a foundation of this adventure

You like when we go deep and personal. This is probably the most popular article and it has a special place in our hearts too. Let’s remind ourselves that freedom is not granted even though we live in free countries.



Here is a short video recapitulating our year 2018 in 45 seconds!

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