From Canada to the end of the world (almost) – statistics of a bike tour

From Canada to the end of the world (almost) – statistics of a bike tour

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Last day of May 2017 we headed out of Vancouver with the destination Ushuaia in mind. The journey was supposed to take 1,5 years, clearly we extended it a little bit. At the end coronavirus cut our plans short, only 1,5 months before the end.

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In this post you’ll find statistics of our journey from Canada to Argentina. If you’d like to know anything else, we’ll happily answer in the comments and maybe add it into the article.

Total kilometre count: 28 494km

Total day count: 1027 days

Maximum speed: 71.59 kmph

Longest day in kilometres: 128 km

Shortest day in kilometres: 10 km

Highest altitude we’ve been at on the bicycle: 4990m n.m.

Highest altitude overall: 5200m n.m.

Total photo count: 26 562

Number of tires used: Ľ – 7, T – 10, doggies – 7

Most complicated repairs on the road: 2x derailleur torn off the bike, ripped off trailer hitch

Total countries of the journey: 15

Most spectacular experience of the trip: Ľ- camping on volcano Acatenango watching Fuego eruptions , T can’t decide

Favourite cycle route: TEMBR – trans Ecuador mountain bike route

Favourite country: Colombia

Longest time on one place: 6 months house sitting Laguna Bacalar

Most spectacular place where we camped: cliff at the Pacific Ocean in Chile and Piñán páramo in Ecuador

Biggest disappointment, reality vs. expectation: Peru

Biggest surprise, reality vs. expectation: El Salvádor

Most beautiful city: T- Zacatecas in Mexico, Ľ – Arequipa in Peru

Biggest danger: traffic and drivers

Most uncomfortable feeling (almost fear): cycling through Santiago de Chile

The kindest people: Colombians

Country with the best food: Mexico

Injuries, illnesses: T – scratches and hand contusion after a fall off the bike, gastrointestinal problems several months in Peru and Bolivia, Ľ – sprained ankle in Chile

Health problems of dogs: Lolo – cut paw on a shell, allergic reaction to hundreds of baby ticks in Mexico, Phoebe – deep cut on the front paw (all the way onto the muscle), kennel cough in Peru

What did we pack in the first aid kit for our dogs?

What did you ask us on instagram?

The most challenging border with dogs: Costa Rica both in and out, on the way in we had to smuggle them (even though we had all the required vaccinations and antiparasite treatments)

The best experience for dogs: we asked them and these are their answers – Lolo – every day new people to play with, Phoebe – new fruits and veggies to taste

The worst experience for dogs: Lolo – loosing his favourite toy – Kurgo skipping stone in the jungle, Phoebe – having to leave the sofa once she got used to it

What’s best about travelling with dogs: new reasons to smile and laugh every day

What’s worst/most difficult about travelling with dogs: to explain to people that we don’t put them in the garage in the hotel or luggage space on the bus

“This is awesome” days vs. “let’s get through this” days: 985,92 : 41,08 days (or 96:4 %)

Would we do it again?: Anytime! When can we go?

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