Laguna Bacalar in Mexico. Sunrise and the girl sitting by the lake with two dogs.

Laguna Bacalar – most beautiful place in Mexico?

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Laguna Bacalar has been our home for 6 months while we were house sitting here and taking care of Mis Casas and its inhabitants – Mar the dog and the cats Fuzzy and Jursee.


We’ve seen many different faces of the laguna but what it showed us last evening is beyond incredible. The lake was completely calm and we’ve decided to go for a canoe ride and deliver Chaka home. Chaka is a dog of our neighbour Fritz who likes to play with Mar, Phoebe and Lolo and therefore never goes home on her own. She needs a special delivery :).


With our new camera Nikon D7500 we took many many videos that evening and I had to edit it immediately to show you the natural wonders we witnessed. ¬†We’ve seen many sunsets on our journey and before, sun setting into the sea or ocean but this is just infinite beauty. The colours and clouds mirroring in the lake, sounds of water, birds and cicadas, so many different colours of sunset. This video was shot roughly within 30 minutes and all these colours have changed in this little time.


If you like it, please share and most importantly, come and visit Laguna Bacalar, likely the most beautiful place in Mexico. At least that’s what we’ll answer to this question after this evening.






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  1. Melody Perdikis

    BEAUTIFUL VIDEO LUBA!…I love the shots of gliding through the reeds and grasses….and the colors….music is lovely and matches the surreal feeling of the images…

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